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NOTE: *We use the term Indigo because that is one of the UV colors we have earned, which is imbedded in our energy field.
          *We are NOT a network for Indigo Children.
          *We are Adult UV-Knights here on a service mission to bring Truth Justice and Balance back to the planet.
          *We use UV-Light, Humor, Neutrality, and UV-Love, (which is often times “Tough Love”) in dealing with corruption.


~ Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy - Re-released!
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~Remember Who You Are? (Short video for Indigos Only)
~ Laura Lee Mistycah's First Wave Indigo Blog... (got hacked - We're working on a new one.)
~ Parallel Universes web site (01-28-2013)

A Tribute to Amikah...

Who's physical presence is greatly missed...
but her unwavering support and commitment is with us still!

July 27, 1955 - July 18, 2008

To be announced

~For Those Of You New To This Site~
The Placement Of The Article Titles Are The Suggested Reading Order

It is also important to note that some of the concepts and specific words in these Stories
Of The UV-Realm are analogous to the situation and narrative, because there are no words in our language
for what happens in other dimensions. Also be aware that Hal is involved in much of the information
given on this web site which would of course, lend a sense of humor to what is being presented. :o)

Realm Stories - "The History Behind Our Hologram" (5-part series) (07-20-06) UPDATE 03-12-12

Hercules - Our Powerful & Mystical Ally - 04/04/15
The Trick/Trap of the Light (05-08-16)
The "Secret" Behind "The Secret" (03-18-07)
The "Secret" Behind "The Chakras" (12-22-07)
The Kundalini Conspiracy (08-20-09) UPDATED 03-03-16
The "Secret" Behind "The Chakras" Part II (03-03-16)
Implant Removal Protocol (07-02-06) UPDATE 11-26-17
The Spiral "Curse Reversal" Ceremony (12-13-06) UPDATE 04-22-13
Artificial Intelligence...The Great Deception (02-18-08)
Desperate Sex . . . . . Don't Do It! (11-10-06) UPDATE 07-28-2015

"We Are All The Same" Fact or Fiction??? (07-02-06)
KARMA. . . . . "Instant Karma's Gonna Get You!" (07-02-06)
The Magick Chair, Chief Joseph, and Other W.S. (11-27-06)
The Magick Chair - Part 2 (12-25-06) UPDATE 01-08-07
Indigo or Indigo BRAT!? (11-20-2010)
Cyber Stalking-The Terrorism of the Future (12-20-2010)
The Story of King Sh*t (12-13-06)
The Universal Curse From Hell! (06-18-06)
Response to the UV Pulse Beam On 10-17-06 (10-14-06) UPDATE 10-25-06

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Kryahgenetics, The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy

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