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Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 7:42 PM
To: knights
Subject: Knight, Labyrinths, and Realm memories....

Greeting from the Land of Mistyc House!

Life just keeps on "Lifeing" after all the challenges of the past few months, and it is good to finally see some of the fruits of our hard labors. Thank you all again for all your support when I was having my "Down Time" ... your thoughts and camaraderie are greatly appreciated.

For those of you who are starting to have memories of the UV-Realm and not sure what to do with them, we just posted a web page that will help you fit the pieces together a little easier. Here is the URL:

It is amazing to see things starting to come together as our visions for the future of Mistyc House and the FW-Indigo-Knights are materializing in the most interesting ways. If you have not seen the web pages on "The Knights of Mistyc House"'s-code/TKOMH.htm you may want to explore this if you have a draw to this type of thing. Energies are starting to accelerate and connections are once again being made that had previously been ripped apart and shredded during prior attempts to keep this dream from coming alive. We are in the planning stages for putting together the first inauguration of Knights into the honorable order of The Knights of Mistyc House. This is not just an order for UV-Realm Knights/First Wave Indigos, but for anyone who qualifies and is noble of heart and mind.  (I suspect that in the future, many members of the Cosmic Clean-up Crew who are NOT Indigos will be drawn to this association.)  

As a part of the ceremony, the potential knight will walk barefoot by candlelight into the center of our Custom Designed Labyrinth to take on his/her vows of Knighthood and be dubbed into this order. The requirements for this are on the Knights web pages and are subject to change and updates. I am attaching a rough sketch of this divinely inspired sacred geometry vesica pieces that was turned into a Labyrinth by one of the foremost authorities on global Labyrinths and their history. His name is Robert Ferre from Labyrinth Enterprises and he has graciously committed to creating this Labyrinth for us. If you observe, when it is right side up it is feminine, and when you turn it upside down, it is masculine....and it also is similar to the left and right lobes of a perfect is that!  The dimensions would be about 18' by 24', drawn on canvas and fully painted. The cost of this including shipping (which the canvas is exceptionally HEAVY) is very reasonable in my opinion, at $2,200.00.

In order to raise funds for this we were thinking that for those who donate $200.00 or more to this project, we will have their names painted on the opening of the Labyrinth in honor of their support and contribution, with those donating the most at the top of the list.  We are hoping to have all the funds raised by October.  If you want to contribute, go to the Mistyc House shopping cart and at the bottom, there is a place for "Senseless donations" :o) After you have put this order through, leave us a note on how you want your name spelled, or the name of an organization or business if that is where the donation is coming from. Smaller donations are also greatly appreciated and will be honored by posting it on our web site. (You may also contribute with a check or money order.)

Thank you once again for all your is nice to have such incredible people on our "Earth Service Project" team!

Love, UV-Light and Laughter....

Laura Lee Mistycah & Mistyc House