Hello Mistyc House Guests!



Laura Lee Mistycah & Ghostbuster partner Ronnie Foster will be guests on Earth Changes TV (http://www.earthchangestv.com) with Mitch Battros tomorrow Thursday Oct. 26th at 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time.  Tune in for fun entertainment and the latest information on "What's out there."  You have no idea what bizarre tales they have to tell!


Since we are getting closer to Halloween and "The Day of the Dead" take some quiet moments to "tune into" those you love who have crossed over...(which includes pets :o) This is the perfect time since the veils are the thinnest, to communicate and connect with them.  This can be life changing to get connected and perhaps even have closure (or renewal) with those you love who are no longer in physical bodies.



UV Pulse Beam Update 10-25-06 From Laura Lee

Many of you participated intensely in holding, anchoring and broadcasting immense amounts of "good vibrations" during the 17th & 18th of October.  There were things going on behind the scenes that are classified right now but may be revealed soon.  These horrendous "behind the scenes" challenges could have been a total disaster if not for many of you who knew intuitively what to do and how to help.  Those of you who were a part of this may or may not know on a conscious level how you helped, but we want to thank everyone who took these "challenges with the system" seriously and offered your expertise.


It is important now to watch for signs of transformation and be a part of the momentum that eliminates tyranny and replaces it with freedom.  Watch for signs in your own life of breakthroughs in finally materializing/manifesting the desires of your heart.  I myself found several things literally "falling in my lap" that I had been seeking and desiring for months.  That doesn't mean that my life has been with out drama and challenges, (i.e. my son getting his car sideswiped in the parking lot after we just got it out of the shop!) but like he reminded me as I buried my face in my hands.... "Mom, no one was hurt" which was something that needed to be considered to see the situation "whole-ly."     


Keep track of things like Karma, Justice, and Magick coming alive once more and being an alliance and support to you in your life and in the lives of those around you.  Mark them down on your calendar or day planner if you have to, so that you will not miss the beginnings of "A New World/Universe."  As Cosmic Clean-up Crew & UV-Knights, it is your sworn duty to be in the forefront of this movement and then show the way for others to embrace this new reality.  It is time that the "Spiritual People" of this planet come forth and command/demand the things they have been lacking physically and materially.  Continual habitual poverty, pain and suffering will NOT get us to our destinations of owning and then providing freedom from the tyranny that has been enslaving this planet for centuries.  It is time we take a stand for personal and collective sovereignty and freedom.....which will the enable us to  then free the planet from the perpetual physical and energetic pollution/poison she has been subjected to.




May you all be blessed in your personal and collective noble quests.....


~Lady Mistycah~