New Knight's Training events to be announced soon!

Basic Program Agenda

In order to establish some common ground for our Knights Training, it is important to get as much education as you can about the UV-Realm and why our Knights are here on planet earth now. It is required to have read these 12 web pages prior to attending the Evening Briefing.

First Wave Indigo Profiles

Legend of the UV-Realm

Piecing Together Your Memories of the Realm

Note Part II - Realm Structure Is Changing.....

The History Behind Our Hologram

We Are All the Same, Fact or Fiction

Desperate Sex.....Don't Do It!

Karma....."Instant Karma's Gonna Get YOU!"

The Secret Behind the Secret

The Secret Behind the Chakras

The Artificial Intelligence, the Great Deception

All of the FWI-Blog Posts

*You will also need either an Aurauralite pendant or Stone which can be purchased at the class

*It is also strongly suggested that you read as much of as you can and listen to some of the radio archives. Reading the book "Living in an Indigo house" and "Kryahgenetics, the Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy" would also be a bonus. (Books will also be sold at the events.)

You may attend just the Evening Briefing if you want, but if you sign up for the Day Training, you must also attend the Evening Briefing.

Bring a pillow and a blanket. Seating will be on the floor because we have found that most Indigos prefer this. Chairs will also be available upon request.

Evening Briefing & Background and Instruction: 2-4 hour assembly that will give you UV-Realm background and Instruction on how to handle the extreme challenges on our "Earth Missions" as well as updates on the latest W.S. (Weird Shit.) Tuition for this instruction will be between $65.00-$95.00 depending on where the event is held.

This Training will include:

*Kryahgenetics Egg Meditation

*David Arkenstone "Quest of the Dream Warrior" meditation/journey to help awaken your memories of "The Great UV-Realm."
This mystical song "The Messenger" is a part of that memory triggering album. David is truly doing his FW-Indigo mission by bringing to life this encoded enchanting music.

*Center-Laser-Focus Group Energy Blast Exercise

*Implant Removal Demonstration

*Question & Answer Period

*And More

Ann's Story: My shoulder had been in pain for 6 months. I injured it while doing pushups. It wasn't severe pain, but it was enough to limit me from exercising as much as I wanted to and I had to be careful not to pick up anything too heavy. Looking back at when it happened I didn't really feel like I did enough to cause 6 months of pain. On the night of September 24, 2006, Steve was pulling implants out of both LL and I. He sensed an implant in my shoulder. The minute he pulled it out I felt my shoulder release. I began moving it back and forth and the pain was less. Within 10 minutes the pain was completely gone and has never returned. I have since come to the realization that "they" will attempt to put implants into weak points in your body, which is what happened here. I put some minor stress on my shoulder, which was a little weak and they amplified the injury via the implant.

Day Training: 4-6 hour intense hands on training. We will be teaching techniques such as protective protocols, psychic scanning, debris sweeping, plus the biggie.....psychic, organic, and metallic implant detection and removal. These training sessions will be geared for 30-50 people. The tuition for both sessions will be between $225.00 - $295.00 depending on how long they are. Aurauralite pendants or Aulmauracite rocks will be available for purchase and are a mandatory for this process. Wear comfortable cloths and bring water to keep you hydrated. (Limited private sessions with Laura Lee will also be available for $50 per 1/4 hour.)

*Power Grid Placement and Group Activation

*Aurauralite Experiments and Stories

*Kryahgenetics Egg meditation

*5 Pointed Star Meditation

*Disconnect from "Earth Genetics" (We are NOT Earth.....we are on a rescue mission FOR the Earth)

*Energy/Psychic Debris Sweeping Training

*Implant Removal Training

*More W.S. (Weird Sh!t) Stories

*Think Tank & Modern Day Knight Challenges and Solutions (Group Center laser Focus - Lock Launch Blast)

*Question & Answer period

*And More

If you have the networking ability and would like to host one of these events, please contact us at: . In order to cover costs, we require a minimum of 30 people for the day training and the same for the evening.

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